What is

Norton is a globally renowned and widely acknowledged brand that deals with offering a broad and varied range of antivirus software. Coupled with antivirus, Norton provides a multitude of other products and services primarily having to do with the security of your system. Norton has been serving users with robust and genuine security programs for a number of years now. Norton is most of the users’ first pit stop when it comes to solving PC security issues and its success goes hand in hand with its reputation. Moreover, Norton caters to the needs of a diversity of users ranging from simple home users to small businesses and right up to those mega enterprises. Norton has the automatic update feature allowing you to keep secure at all times. Additionally, it consists of a vigilant firewall that performs the function of closely monitoring all the incoming and outgoing traffic to your device.

What does Norton do for you ? is a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) where you can set up your Norton antivirus.

If you are experiencing difficulties with you computer like if it has slowed down or keeps crashing and if you have been noticing that some files that you saved on your computer are suddenly missing, then it is highly likely that your system has been compromised. It is worth noting for you that cybercriminals and attackers are always active over the web and they are on a constant look out for any vulnerable systems so that they can exploit them and gain considerable benefit out of them. If you do not have a security solution, then your device becomes increasingly susceptible to these attacks. However, if you have Norton, you will be able to browse and use your computer with peace and be relieved of these apprehensions as it offers a staunch and guaranteed protection.

Here are the broad functions that Norton performs for its users:

  • Expels Malware.

Norton security programs protect your device against malware attacks in addition to looking for viruses and consequently expelling them from your computer system. Norton also has a distinct feature by which it puts any file or software that it suspects to be infected under tight scanning scrutiny.

  • Blocks Spyware.

Spyware is dangerous and malicious software which is used by hackers to commit identity or financial theft by stealthily monitoring the user’s actions on their device. Hackers do this by using a thing known as a key logger. Key logger works by keeping a tab on the key strokes that a user makes on his keyboard and copies them thereby enabling these hackers to steal the user’s passwords, bank login details, their credentials, identification details and even credit card numbers. Spies can also gain access to the chat messages and emails that are sent from the infected device. Norton protects you against all this.

  • Online Protection.

The internet is loaded with malicious websites, making it very significant for one to keep safe while browsing. As such, any software that provides web protection is indispensable to a user since most of the malware enters your system through the internet. Norton does just that by notifying the user if he/she is visiting a potentially harmful website. Norton also prevents the user from downloading infected files into the computer from the web.

  • Parental Control.

Norton is amazing for you if you have children at home. You can shield your kids from online dangers with the help of Norton’s age restricted tools and keeping an eye on the browsing history.

  • Mail protection.

Junk emails, in addition to being a puny nuisance, have the ability to cause severe harm to your device. Norton Antivirus assists you in getting rid of junk and prevents email scams.

  • Backup.

Valuable data that you have stored on your computer can be restored if it gets wiped out. This can be done by making use of Norton Backup. Norton also protects your data in case of a Ransom ware attack.

So broadly, Norton:

  • Secures your computer from viruses, malware, and phishing.
  • Protects a wide range of devices including laptops, tablets, I pads, desktops and smart phones.
  • Protects your device from attacks.
  • Saves your personal data from loss.
  • Removes Malware and Spyware.
  • Prevents identity and financial theft.
  • Backs up your personal data.

Norton is a healthy and total solution to all of your computing needs. Norton has an exceptionally well crafted user interface which is highly advanced but at the same time, easy to navigate. It is pretty convenient to subscribe to, update and perform other tasks on the Norton window.


Norton is supported by every operating system including Windows XP/vista/7/8/9/10 or Mac OS. You can get your Norton security from a retail store or you can get it online. To install and activate your licensed Norton Security, you require a 25 digit alpha-numeric product key. Using this, you can go ahead and install your Norton product. After installation, you have to activate it online.

NOTE: To avoid code conflict, make sure that you haven’t already installed a different Antivirus to your device. If there is an Antivirus already running in your device, uninstall it first.

Before Downloading Norton Setup:

Before you start the downloading, installing or activation process for the Norton software, check that no other security program is operating or installed on the computer. If any security suite is already present on the computer, then it must be removed and reinstalled from the computer. Just go to the Control Panel and remove any conflicting software. You can also use the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool for removing any older versions of Norton antivirus.

Downloading Norton Setup:

With Norton Antivirus security on their system, a user will secure their computer and make sure that the data stored in the computer is completely safe. So, to start using Norton Security, you need to find the amount of a key which is present on your purchased card. You have to be sure whether your device matches the specifications of Norton security or never.

Follow the below mentioned steps to download Norton setup on your computer:

  • Go to and sign in with your registered email address or watchword.
  • Once you finish entering your registered email and password, Click “Sign In.” A window of Norton Setup will open and after that, you need to click on Transfer Norton Setup.
  • Now, you have to enter the product key which you have purchased.
  • And then you need to click on agree and transfer.


You can follow these steps:

  • Open the official website of Norton.
  • Login or create a new Norton account (
  • To create a new account, fill in the credentials available in the dialogue box.

Click “Create Account.” As soon as you create your account, you may download a trial version of Norton.

Next, you will be able to purchase Norton for your Pc for some years. For this, you will be asked to enter 25 digit letters already provided to you by them.

It’s possible to uninstall Norton with the support of the Norton removal tool.                                         

Steps for installing Norton setup file:

After  downloading the Norton setup file on your device, install it as per the below mentioned instructions :

  1. If you are using Google Chrome Browser or Mozilla Firefox, you need to click on the download icon and then Double Click on the downloaded setup file and Hit “RUN.”
  2. Once you Run the program, you need to follow the on-screen instructions in order to complete the installation process.

 Steps for Activating Norton Setup:

Once you have installed Norton setup on your Device, you need to activate it as well.

For that you need to follow below mentioned steps:

  • Open your Norton Product wherein you have to put in the key.
  • Once you open the main window, you need to click the assistance button.
  • Now, you will be prompted to enter the Norton product box key.
  • Enter the product key within the choice accessible below account data.
  • Copy the key from your email and Now, enter the Norton product box key on being prompted. norton com setup.

Well if you got your Norton product offline, you need to have a retail card. You will find the product key on the rear side of the card that you have purchased offline. Then, you can set it up on

Steps to reinstall Norton Setup:

If you want to protect your computers within your workplace and want to secure your crucial business content stored in those computers, then Norton Security has the potential to do just that. Protect your business information by following these steps mentioned below to reinstall Norton setup successfully:

  • Click on window begin button.
  • Then go to electrical devices.
  • In the program section, there will be ‘uninstall a program’ link.
  • Then, you will see a list of programs. These are programs presently installed on your device.
  • Now you need to select the Norton product.
  • Click on ‘uninstall.’